You Must See this Stunning Scuba Diving Destination

If you are already a certified diver, let us bring you scuba diving in El Nido’s extraordinary reefs and islands and try this stunning scuba diving destination. Featuring more than 40 dive spots, you will be amazed with its striking beauty! If you like shallow dives,  sandy flats, vertical walls, swim-throughs, night dives, drift dives, or deep dives, they will locate the perfect spot for you.

They have well-trained guides and divers who have thousands of dives of experience. With their captains, they will choose great dive sites dependent on where we are tend to have the best instances and the degree of the divers on board. They will also ensure that you will not be repeating dive spots on your stay unless you insist. In case you want to get a more personal encounter, try their private trip!

el nido diving

Your safety is important to them, so you can depend on their the focused attention. To make your stay cozy, they will limit the number of divers with you to make you diving comfy.

All their daily dive packages boasts full dive gear,  boat travel, a dive guide, and awesome food.

Check out their video and learn more about this awesome scuba diving destination.