A brand new oxygen assimilating crystal can potentially make the possibility scuba diving without a tank achievable.

A new crystalline salt produced corm cobalt soaks up oxygen at a level of as much as 160 times the air we inhale. Additionally, it can afterwards discharge the oxygen in low oxygen situations or when subjected to heat.

Additionally there is the chance of this oxygen absorbing crystal to get scuba diving a great deal simpler for scuba divers. The crystal can take up oxygen from the water the diver is within and possibly ensure it is accessible to the diver.

No matter how it is eventually utilized this crystalline material along with modern technological functions definitely can make life simpler for scuba divers in lots of ways if even as an aspect in rebreathers or even simply decrease the requirement for oxygen tanks.

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In case the substance lives up to its claims , it may have lots of really awesome applications—for instance , feeding high amounts of air into hydrogen fuel cells , and lightening the cargo for lung sufferers who have to lug around weighty oxygen stocks . Additionally , scuba divers might place their tanks in the house.

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