Annual Coral Spawning to be Recorded by Underwater Webcam

A submerged webcam was reconditioned just in due course to record among the ocean’s most insurmountable landscapes – coral spawning. This annual occurrence, by best approximations, was fixed to happen and the team of divers is prepared to capture the moment.

“This is the very first year we’ve attempted to monitor it with the webcam,” stated Steve Broadbelt of Ocean Frontiers in East End. “We will tilt and pot the video camera around, and there’s absolutely nothing quite like observing it live. Individuals can see it from thousands of mile after mile away.”

Annual Coral Spawning 2

Audiences can observe a live feed of the extensive star coral spawning night from the webcam positioned in East End by signing on to Ocean Frontiers’ site at oceanfrontiers .com/webcam.

Annually, usually throughout August or September, a lot of the corals in Cayman’s reefs reproduce concurrently, discharging eggs and sperm jointly to cross-fertilize and distribute in the present.