Why do we Need to Study Seahorses?

Have you at one time seen a seahorse in the course of one of your dives? Then you’ve encountered the excitement these extraordinary creatures can supply you with, just by being in their existence. Seahorses are such interesting and extraordinary animals. Yes, they are species of fish, but they certain don’t appear like it.

These are masters of camouflage and are purely distinctive considering the fact that the males give birth. The further you find out about seahorses, the much more interesting they turn out to be.

As a diver, you most likely also recognize that seahorses are difficult to come across. Sadly, their amazing camouflaging skills and their huge geographical range ensure it is challenging for scientists to examine them in the wild.seahorses

Seahorses are in danger by overfishing and also habitat devastation, as they primarily dwell in shallow, seaside waters that are seriously impacted by human activity. Furthermore, countless seahorses are captured and bought and sold worldwide every year to be used in aquarium exhibits and conventional Chinese medicine.

Currently, 11 seahorse species are placed in the threatened category on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and 26 species are listed as ‘Data Deficient’, which means we don’t even know more than enough about them to examine their protection status. Furthermore, a few species haven’t even been examined yet.

If we need to preserve and protect the world’s seahorses, we anxiously require more information. Having only a few scientists examining seahorses in the wild, this really is a true obstacle.