When they Dive into this Cave, they weren’t Expecting to See this View

In an isolated section of Andros Island in the Bahamas, a deeper crack in the terrain takes you into an attractive and spectacular underwater cave system. Jonathan Bird joins an expert cave explorer to plumb the extraordinary water in the zones of Stargate Blue Hole. When they Dive into this Cave, they are captivated by its view and extraordinary features.

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This blue hole is situated around 500 miles inland from the eastern coastal area of South Andros on the western side of The Bluff town. It happens to be section of a big north-south slump fracture spot following the underwater hills that divides the Great Bahama Bank from a deep oceanic trench, the Tongue of the Ocean. This stoop fracture stretches for a few of kilometers and was shaped due to glacio-eustatic sea level adjustments and gravitational tensions along the border of the stone banks.

(All images are taken from the original video.)

(Source: www.blueworldTV.com, bahamasgeotourism.com)