What is Spat?

Oysters are a kind of shellfish that inhabit the brackish and the saltwater bays, estuaries, and the tidal creeks. Whenever oysters reproduce, they spawn minute larvae that conveniently traverse the water column till they come across a suitable habitat with a system to begin with. At the time the larvae completely attach to a surface, these are termed as spat.

Oysters are often cultured for food and also pearls. The productive farming of oysters as well as other shellfish is dependent on efficient settlement of larvae onto a specified substrate typically some other oyster shells or even ceramic tiles within the hatchery or simply wild setting.

The tiles or rather shells that contain the spat are properly secured to frames or alternatively in cages and then submerged throughout an intertidal region or hanging from an elongated line. Emanating from this point ahead, the oysters tend to be self-sustaining, blocking all of the the nutrients that they need straight from the water into their environment.