Whale Diving at Tonga Guide

He stresses the significance of making use of an authorized dive technician as they are experienced with getting in touch with a pod of whales without troubling them. It is a fundamental key to having an excellent exposure to the whales. It will be also vital that you contact the whales gradually and allow the whales become familiar with you. Whale diving is a great and amazing experience particularly if you have tried in Tonga.

Tonga is a little number of islands in the southwest pacific 2/3 of the route between Los Angeles and also Auckland and it really is among the few places exactly where scuba divers are permitted to swim with whales.

Throughout the month of July via October humpback whales visit Tong islands to produce their calfs. Humpback whales are extremely pleasant and sociable. They offer fantastic diving encounters for below surface whale watchers.

Check out the following video clip as Doug clarifies how to dive with the humpback whales.