Want to Try Poo Diving?

It seems that technical diving uses many forms… possibly even Poo Diving. Brendan Walsh operates East West Dive and Salvage which offers diver expert services in different types of no-air conditions. This actually involves the sewage field.

Austrailia’s sewage processing facilities make use of microorganisms to digest sewage by ventilation method that requires massive stirring equipment. These types of machines frequently stop working and the only solution to fix them would be to dive in.

Brendan Walsh poo diving 2

The scuba diving environment is totally pitch black. The scuba divers must depend on their sense of feel and their thought of pictures captured before the reservoirs were filled.

Maintenance are done by scuba divers as they get in touch with technical engineers on top in total darkness.

It’s totally black, and you need to walk than swim. However, there’s absolutely no smell. All of your air is bottled, so it is actually a whole lot worse for the men who have to detoxify you whenever you get out.