Visiting the Sea Snake Island

As you drop off the part of your motorboat into luxuriously cozy, clear water and come down along an inexhaustible vertical wall, you abruptly sense that you will no longer be alone. From the corner of your eye you observe a sizable sea snake, then another is found beside it, along with a third is swimming along the wall in the reverse path. All of a sudden, you are enclosed by sea snakes. Visiting the Sea Snake Island will take you to a whole new world under the sea.

All of a sudden, you are enclosed by sea snakes. Visiting the Sea Snake Island will take you to a whole new world under the sea.

The small island, called Gunung Api, can be found like a single sentinel 200 nautical miles north of Alor in the Banda Sea of Indonesia. Soaring from a ocean that extends to a lot more than 7000 metres in depth, abundant sapphire water encompasses sheer verticanl drop offs that drop away precipitously from the shallows along one of the most amazing walls a diver will wish to discover.

The clearness of the water is amazing and on a regular day, the distinctness may get to as much as 30 metres or even more. The sunrays here apparently have a magical value, producing an ongoing dose of “God’s rays” in the water column.gunung api sea snakes 2

As a little island in the center of an open sea, Gunung Api provides scuba divers nourishing populations of schooling fish, vibrant soft corals, remarkable drop offs, and the ever contained sensation that something huge can show up suddenly anytime. Some of these fascinations are features that would retain any diver pleased over a full day of diving in several locations.

Nevertheless, the greatest allurement of this island is definitely the extremely huge population of sea snakes- amazing for an island in the heart of nowhere. Thousands (or tens of thousands) of Chinese sea krait (Laticauda semifasciata) dwell in this island under no circumstances other than their development to match the maximum lasting population for their eco-system.

There is certainly nothing quite similar to a dive in Gunung Api, the instant you come down along anywhere on the small island you instantly come across 1, 2, 3, 5, and even 10 or even more sea snakes. In contrast to their land-based relations, sea snakes are not extremely hostile, and their huge populace on this island is the best research of how they vary from their close relatives.

These sea kraits are extremely inquisitive, and have no anxiety about humans at all; they readily go swimming up to scuba divers to examine this new invasion is to their natural environment, stunning divers who aren’t expecting an intimate encounter.