Unmanned Surface Drone to Patrol Around the Pitcairn Islands

The British authorities declared this month it will be utilizing an unmanned surface area drone to patrol the marine environments surrounding the Pitcairn Islands situated in the Pacific Ocean.

The 834,000-square-kilometer zone around the land mass chain is the largest marine reserve on the planet.

The drone is named the Wave Glider and is constructed by Sunnyvale, a California-based Liquid Robotics company.

The organization lately proclaimed its ocean robots had journeyed about 1 million nautical miles in the world’s oceans, the same as 46 times around the world.

The Wave Glider is the very first unmanned surface area motor vehicle to finish quests from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean, function throughout 17 hurricanes/typhoons, and attain a Guinness World Record for the “longest quest by a self-supporting, unmanned surface vehicle in the world,” as outlined by Liquid Robotics.