Underwater Noisemakers for Divers

Communicating underwater may be an issue, and is normally limited to a small number of hand signals. It happens to be extra challenging to grab the attention of ones own dive companion, however.

It occurs to me every time, I find something super cool, and yet my dive companion is gazing in the thoroughly opposite direction. Only if I’m within reach, There is no chance to grab their attention. This kind of articles addresses features our choices for generating noises underwater.

Whatever approach you opt for, be polite to some other dives. Utilize it cautiously so that you do not disturb everything else diving, like your very own dive buddy. Confirm with the divemaster just in case she has one as well, and that she does not have issues with yours.

Last but not the least, while in the water, perform a speedy test to ensure that your companion understands your “call”, especially when there exist several noisemakers found in the water.