Underwater Houses in Dubai

Folks are spending out roughly £1 million a pop to literally reside under the ocean in Dubai.

The 42 submerged villas belong to the Heart of Europe project, a brand new resort being developed by the Kleindienst Group, 4km off the Dubai shoreline.

The 1,700 sq ft condos are are being promoted by high-class estate brokers Privilege Dubai for Dhs5 million (£894,000 ).

Five have already been under deal.

Almost all the three-storey real estates will have a sea-level, that should provide ‘magnificent sights of the breathtaking ocean world.’

The kitchen area, living area, family room and restroom will all be placed on the bottom part floor, 13ft under water.

On the 2nd floor you’ll discover your master bedroom and also bathing room and then there’s a rooftop deck at the top level for looking at out over the sea.

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