Underwater Church in Crimea Built by Divers

Scuba divers in Crimea have put up a huge cross in the form of an anchor off the Crimean seaside. It heralds the beginning of building work on constructing what they assure will be a complete submerged church.
The 3-ton cross is merely the start of a bold plan by Archimandrite Tikhon, a scuba diving fanatic who is the project’s initiator.“The underwater church will appear like a chapel. You will see figures inside – the same as in a real church. Probably they are going to be bas-reliefs of figures in stainless or perhaps natural stone.”He declared that architects are at present focusing on the particulars and that the winter storm period indicates whether the scuba divers positioned the cross properly.

The cross is located about 20 meters below sea level and about 200 meters from the Crimean coast in an area known as Cape Fiolent. A buoy is going to be connected to enable divers to find it with less effort. In a bid to entice more guests, the cross’s precise spot will be mapped.

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Before the summer time finishes, divers additionally plan to set up a table and enormous concrete candlestick stands close to the cross just like a real church. Archimandrite Tikhon additionally desires to transform the underwater site into a type of museum of Crimean history with pieces of ammunition and armed forces ships on site. The displays would date back to 2 of the biggest and lengthiest armed forces defense tasks in the field – in 1854-1855 and also 1941-1942.

The site is in close proximity to Sevastopol. The area and navigability of the Black Sea have created the city a tactically crucial port and also naval base all through history.

It is revealed that ‘the underwater church’ will be called after St Nicholas, who is the patron saint of sailors.

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(Source: Igor Reznik Facebook Account)