Top 10 Places to Learn to Dive the PADI Way

If you wish to figure out how to dive the very first thing you have to do is find a professional dive instructor. The vital standard in dive training is PADI which means: The Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI is the world’s top scuba diving education group and offers lessons for ages 8 and up with accreditation training systems for age 10 and up.

It is possible to find PADI accredited trainers and amenities in landlocked urban centers, YMCA’s and dive retailers worldwide. Should you be likely to figure out how to dive why not do it in location that you will never forget and spend some time to also take pleasure in the environment. When going over your next holiday, why not also figure out how to scuba dive and grant yourself one more reason to look ahead to that following journey. We have gathered a list of the best areas on earth to learn how to scuba dive the PADI method while also encountering an excellent getaway. Here are the Top 10 Places to Learn to Dive the PADI Way.

10. Bahamas


9. Scotland


8. GreeceGreece

7. SpainSpain

6. PeruPeru

5. GuatemalaTop 10 Places to Learn to Dive the PADI Way

4. IndiaIndia

3. PhilippinesPhilippines

2. ThailandThailand

1. AustraliaAustralia