Tips on Washing Your Wet Suit Properly

After every finished dive, your own diving suit should be cleaned to get rid of the beach sand, grass and filthy things. The appropriate care of the wetsuit is not difficult with the following measures as outlined in the video referenced below. Washing your wetsuit is important to make sure that it will last longer and can be used multiple times.

It will be simplest to clean your wetsuit in the bathroom. Wash it carefully in heated or chilly water. Ensure that you wash it well ensuring the water passes through the whole suit, especially the limbs. The wetsuit should be laundered inside out.

washing wetsuit 2
After rinsing, suspend the wetsuit inside out in a dried up region. After it can be dry shift it back to the proper way and keep it in a neat dry location.

See the following video. It shows the appropriate way to wash the wetsuit.