Three Tons of Waste Removed by Scuba Divers

The Kuwait Dive Team (KDT), associated with the Environmental Voluntary Foundation (EVF), has eradicated 3 tons of waste materials from offshore regions in Al­Sulaibikhat. The in charge of the operations, Walid Al­Shatti, revealed that the scrapped items, such as plastic material bags and tins, presented a risk to the coastal natural environment, wild birds and marine creatures’ ecosystem in Kuwait Bay.

The littering was made by sea men boarding ships and goers, he stated, adding that a few of the waste products had been driven into the ocean through sewers throughout latest heavy rains.Waste Removed by Scuba Divers

The group performed the clean­up in arrangement with Kuwait City, Environment Public Authority (EPA) as part of the ‘clean Kuwait beaches’ campaign, with assistance from the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs. Waste Removed by Scuba Divers will be thrown away to a designated area where it will be processed.

It will move onto decontaminate the Kuwaiti seashores and islands, he claimed, showing that further assistance would be transmitted to the ocean goers and fishermen to free the marine ecosystem such destructive acts.

Emphasising the need to manage all means and reasons behind pollutants, Al­Shatti requested harsher penalties against violators and improving further community awareness of the need to protect the aquatic wild life. Furthermore, he given hope that ventures exercised for such reasons be followed, specifically those linked to safeguarding the bay, where varied varieties of marine species lay eggs.