This Native Fisherman Walks on the Seabed Like a Boss

Two and a half minutes with just a single breath. Recorded underwater in one shot for the show Human Planet, a Bajau fisherman, known as Sulbin, freedives as much as 20 meters to capture a fish. A terrific clip of Bajau free diver Sulbin, as he takes with his spear gun and surfaces afterwards with his catch. This native fisherman walks on the seabed to hunt fish for food. Bajaus are known as ocean nomads who spend most of their lives at the sea. Their homes are near the ocean while some prefer to live on a boat. They are known to have some good swimming/freediving abilities without using any diving gears.
bajau fisherman human planet

Watch out that after the first cut at 0.40 as he starts his dive, this film was done in just one take. The cameraman, Simon, did a great job as he remains with the activity and nails the concluding money shot despite a swift look at Sulbin’s legs strolling across the seabed… a chancy option in a shot similar to this, but one which pays off wonderfully right here I believe. Here’s the video clip…