This is a Must Learn Scuba Diving Trick-Frog Kick

The frog kick is the diving kick which is best used for most types of the diving we do. It resembles the kick a breaststroke of a swimmer. If you have ever observed a frog moving in the water, you will know why this kick is named after them. What makes the frog kick the ideal diving kick for most diving is that it features a rest phase built in which reduces the force you exert.frog kick

In other words, after a kick, you will have a recovery phase, where you just glide, push you forward without much effort while getting ready to kick again. For most divers who are used to this type of kick, it will consume less gas. This is also an amazing kick because most of the times the glide stage of the kick can be longer, while you simply hover and enjoy the view, or whatever you are doing, and then do another kick to move forward.

“The frog kick is a diving┬ákick used by scuba divers, specifically cave divers, wreck divers, and those who do the Doing It Right philosophy. You can compare it to the swimming motion of a frog or the swimming leg action in the breaststroke.”