This Guy Just Made The Deepest Freediving Ever Made!

This remarkable video displays the time a world freediving titleholder hopped into the world’s 2nd deepest marine sink hole.

The stunning video footage displays Guillame Néry positioned at the border before moving in – all without scuba equipment and just controlling his breath.

And in the video clip, he apparently gets to the bottom part of the 660ft (200 metres) hole before floating back to the surface area.

The video was shot in 2010 by the Frenchman’s sweetheart Julie Gautier, who is also a freediver.
This happened at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, the most deep supposed ‘blue hole’ on the planet with a submerged entrance.

In Youtube, it already gathered almost 24 million views as of posting.

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Take a look at the Deepest Freediving Ever Made and be amazed.