They were Shocked to Find this Ancient Whale Skull

In the waters of Virginia’s Great Dismal Swamp, a colossal and ancient being rested, just patiently waiting to be found. Finding a historical whale skull is an awesome discovery as it may tell another story of the past.

The fossilized Ancient Whale Skull is expected to be a little more than 5 million years old, which is littered with enormous teeth scars considered from the famous megalodon shark. The most exciting part: It may be a totally new whale species.

prehistoric shark tooth
Jason Osborne holding a tooth of a Megalodon (extinct shark) which was found in the same area of the skull.

Scuba diver and also paleontologist Jason Osborne found out the skull in June 2013, regardless of the swamp’s zero-visibility situations, but it needed 2 more years of cautious preparation before the delicate fossil has been retrieved safely.

Osborne says that he was worried that he wouldn’t retrieve the skull or that the flood had ruined it. Luckily, the skull was in good shape as they found it.

To get the skull, Osborne required a sizable boat, and most significantly, a thing to lift up the skull without cracking it or shedding any crucial pieces of bone that could unhook during the transfer. His way out: a body bag.

They have a team of four searching the 25-foot deep water with reduced visibility and it even forced them to go night diving.

The said whale fossil has now been identified as from a Baleen Whale.