These Guys Faced a 12 Foot Great White Shark!

We have a wrong understanding about sharks. People tend to consider sharks as dangerous and targets humans as food. Actually, they are more of a defensive species like any other creatures who will protect themselves when they think they are in danger. If you check the data, it will tell you that elephants, lions and other land animals are more deadly and killed more humans than sharks. Elephants kill about 2,000 people a year while sharks about 100 a year.

The video below will bring you to a world near sharks. The film was taken in the waters off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Roger J. Muller, Jr. and his daughter Kelsey and Taylor had the chance to be so close to Great White Sharks! See how many times the huge Sharks check out the divers finding them as interesting subjects. Filmed by Paul Sardis using his go Pro, he was able to capture the amazing moment the sharks get near their cage.

The team travelled 24 hours from Ensenda, Mexico riding a boat on long rough trip.

Watch the documentary about sharks for you to acquire more understanding about their behaviour specifically bull sharks.

Jonathan visits Mexico to meet the Bull sharks, known for the fact that they are termed as the most dangerous species of shark. He gets to try wearing a chain mail anti-shark underwater suit, and meets a researcher who is studying the sharks to get information about their population, characteristics and habitat.