The Wreck Of First WWI U-boat Discovered in The Coast Of Norfolk

While working through the North Sea, employees for ScottishPower Renewables have just accidentally discovered a German U-boat from the First World War.

The submarine was located around 56 miles off from the eastern coast of England below roughly 98 ft of water.

The power company group found the German ship at the time of researching the stability of a windfarm in the area. At first believed to be a Dutch submarine from World War II, the U-boat was proven to be German by a group of divers who shot the ship while it rest on the seafloor.

The Scottish power venture has showed up around 60 wrecks on the bottom part of the North Sea, majority of which have been known about. The group said they did not expected to discover such hundred-year old submarine. The U-boat was recognized as Type U-31, which departed for a patrol on January 13, 1915 and never came back.

“Unravelling the whole story behind the submarine has been fascinating,” project director Charlie Jordan said to The Guardian.

Researchers mentioned the boat was possibly sunk by a mine. Totally 35 men aboard seem to have perished.