The World’s Largest ‘Ship’ Bigger than Empire State Building Was Launched

The biggest floating vessel in the entire world has brought to the water for the very first time in South Korea.
At a length of 1,601 ft, the Prelude, that is actually owned by Shell, is 150 ft longer compared to the Empire State Building’s height.

When completely loaded the ship weighs about approximately 600,000 tonnes with a width of 243 ft.
It happens to be a floating liquefied natural gas unit that could permit Shell to generate natural gas at sea then simply liquefy it by cooling it to -260 deg F so that it can be transported worldwide.World's Largest 'Ship' 2

The Prelude is anticipated to generate 3.6 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per annum and its storage tanks hold a capacity corresponding to more or less 175 Olympic swimming pools.

The facility will be attached to wells on the sea floor by a series of pipings to pull out gas from under the sea.

The Prelude has superceded the Emma Maersk, which measurement is 1,302 ft, to be the world’s largest ship.