The Underwater Time-lapse Reveals Secret Life of a Coral Reef

The Australia’s Great Barrier Reef- world’s largest existing organism- has always been captivating divers with its own brilliant colorations and interesting lifeforms for many years.

However for a human being, the glimpses he captured under water were insufficient – he really wanted to find out more from the life invisible from most individuals.

By using a time-lapse photography, Dr Pim Bongaerts of the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute has devoted the past 5 years affirming the movements, communication as well as violent contacts that living corals get involved in.

It is all of the behaviour that is definitely being part of the life cycles of the coral reefs, and yet takes place too slowly for individuals to notice.

Dr Bongaerts showed some of his outstanding time-lapse footage solely with the BBC, and unveiled most of the underwater mysteries it has given to life.