The Underwater Mysteries and Discoveries of 2015

The submerged worlds of our ocean waters are hardly uncovered. In 2015, several underwater mysteries were uncovered by scuba divers.

That is definitely right, approximately 5% of our ocean waters has been studied and over 70% of the earth’s surface area lies underwater. Obviously, brand new findings are being produced each day by scuba divers. These uncovering span from the most apparent useful findings to the just awesome technological discoveries.

Beyond Science highlights 7 of these kinds of underwater breakthroughs of 2015 . Included in this are the detection of a 5500-year-old region of Tartessos, a natural stone monolith which is Stonehenge similar to off the seaside of Sicily. A diver also discovers a 10,000 year-old jungle

Here are the Underwater Mysteries and Discoveries of 2015.