The Role of Parrotfish in Keeping Corals Healthy

The latest study right from the University of Queensland (UQ) reveals that more rigid fisheries rules are needed for the survival of the Caribbean corals.

In particular, the researchers described parrotfish as a decisive species given that it feeds seaweed that, once allowed to grow freely, may stifle coral and stop it from recovering.
While studying the effects that parrotfish fisheries bring to reefs, the researchers discovered that “unregulated fisheries are going to severely trim down the resistance of coral reefs.”

However, the fisheries don’t need to be confined. The study determined strategies to continue fishing without adding to the decline of the coral condition. Dr. Bozec clarified that “implementation of size limits and catch limits to less than 10 percent of the fishable stock provide a far better outlook for reefs, while also allowing the fishery to persist.”