The Role of Coral Reefs in the Economy

Healthy coral reefs sustain the commercial and even subsistence fisheries along with employment and business enterprises by means of tourism and leisure. Just about 50% of all federally governed fisheries rely on coral reefs and associated habitats for a part of their specific life cycles. The National Marine Fisheries Service estimates a commercial value of the U.S. fisheries out of coral reefs is more than $100 million.

Local economies acquire billions of dollars from tourists to reefs with diving tours, leisure fishing trips, hotels, dining places, as well as other businesses established close to reef ecosystems.

Regardless of their magnificent economic and recreational worth, coral reefs are seriously endangered by pollutions, diseases, and habitat devastations. The instant coral reefs are harmed, they are much less in a position to help the various species that dwell in them.

As soon as a coral reef supports smaller quantity of fishes, plants, and animals, it also seems to lose worth as being a tourist travel destination.