The Reason Behind Whales Making Sound

Whales are extremely sociable animals that travelling in groups known as “pods.” They use many different noises to get in touch and interact with one another. The 3 main types of sounds produced by whales are clicks, whistles, and also pulsed calls.

Clicks are thought to be for navigation and identifying physical environment. Once the sound waves bounce from an object, they go back to the whale, enabling the whale to recognize the structure of the object. Clicks can also help to distinguish between friendly organisms and predators. Clicks also have been observed throughout social interactions, indicating they may also have a certain communicative function.

Whistles and pulsed calls are being used during the course of social activities. Pulsed calls are usually more frequent and sound exactly like squeaks, screams, or even squawks to the human beings ear. Varying vocal “dialects” happen to be found to occur between the different pods within an equivalent whale population. This is most probably to ensure that whales can tell the difference between the whales within their pods and the strangers.

Whales likewise use their tails and also fins to create loud slapping sounds on the very surface of the water to get in touch nonverbally. The sound may be heard for roughly hundreds of meters just below the surface area and might be an indication of aggression or a medium to threaten schools of fish together, which make them an easier meal.