The Mini-Sub That Reaches Deep Ocean Treasures

In many ways, checking out the depths of the ocean is just as technically challenging as studying the surface of Mars. As a matter of fact, we have a lot more elaborated knowledge about the Red Planet than what we do of whatever occurs under the sea. But this latest, inexpensive manned submersible intends to open up underwater exploration to all people — not just the few rich countries that already have the technology.

Under innovation by the OceanGate company back in May this year, the Cyclops submersible is a submarine for five individuals designed to execute various underwater activities. That involves searching for mineral and gas build up, biological specimen collection, as well as salvage operations, all for no more than the cost of current ROV platforms.

The Cyclops is about 5.5m long, 3.4m wide, and more than 2m tall. It weighs about 8618kg on land, which is quite svelt for any kind of manned sub, all thanks to its distinct, 7-inch thick carbon fibre hull structure.