Among the World’s Best -The Great Blue Hole

The Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef in Belize provides gorgeous crystal clear waters, salt water creatures and a few of the deepest scuba diving around. With a deepness of 407ft, scuba divers who check out this site force to test themselves and move much deeper, attempting to view things previously unexplored. In such setting the danger strikes. The walls of the pool are pure until a depth of 110ft then, scuba divers will come across sharp stalactite structures on the hole’s stone walls. The Great Blue Hole, off the shoreline of Belize is a diver’s haven.

Initially, the Blue Hole has been a limestone cave that began to develop approximately 150,000 years ago.

Slowly the water level increased as the icy time period gone and the caves were dipped and its ceiling suddenly falls, thus creating this amazing pool.

Focusing from above, the darkish blue shade of the hole means that it possesses a terrific depth, particularly when compared with the shallow seas close by.

Its greatest point can be found at 124 meters. The pool has a nearly perfect round shape which is 300 meters wide.

The Blue Hole is popular among the realm of leisure diving lovers, for whom this location has them all: distinct waters and a number of flora and species as you can encounter here numerous organisms big or small.

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