The Fish that Looks Like a Grass- Robust Ghost Pipefish

Coral reefs are famous for their lively colors and magical life forms. Streamlined reef sharks, vivid butterflyfish, and flitting damsels just about all attract the eye, as you drift by way of their underwater world. Nevertheless, at times the most interesting creatures are those that you are least likely to notice.

The robust ghost pipefish (Solenostomus cyanopterus) is quite well concealed that you need eager eyes and a little bit of good fortune to identify one from the pieces of seaweed it enjoys to conceal near. In contrast to its relative, the ornate ghost pipefish (additionally an amazing disguise artist), the robust ghost pipefish has a far more restrained color palette. Types occur in the whole variety of greens and browns, essential to merge with their regional macro algae. As if its astonishing visual camouflage wasn’t sufficient, the robust ghost pipefish generally glides close to the substrate with its top directed down, to ensure that even its motions imitate a scrap of seaweed moving lazily in the current, as demonstrated in the video below.

Similar to some other pipefish, the robust ghost pipefish find partner for life. As a result monogamous nature , you may often observe cyanopterus suspended with each other in couples. The female is the bigger of the two and has obvious pelvic fins on her bottom, which are combined to shape a pouch for keeping and incubating eggs. The Ghost pipefish known to be “false pipefish” simply because that the female of the species bears the fertilized eggs. Among real pipefish, it is the adult males who incubate the eggs.