The Discovery of Massive Swarm of Crabs

Scientists have found an overwhelming swarm of crabs on top of an underwater mountain away from the coast of Panama, similar of that has under no circumstances happened to be discovered in past times.

These particular kinds of crabs have never been seen teeming this way before, states Jesús Pineda, a biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. These crabs were found in April 2015 by some scientists, including Pineda, on board the research vessel named M/V Alucia.

All of the scientists had brought a manned submersible down into that seafloor the moment they spotted a strange, enormous cloud of sediment, termed as “turbidity layer.” This tends to be due to natural phenomena like the ocean currents, however, the experts shortly realized it had been a result of something else—something active, Pineda reveals.