Technology Inspired by Camouflaging Abilities of Cephalopods

We learned that cuttlefish, experts of camouflage, were encouraging scientists to create better camouflaging stuff. And that’s precisely what took place. Camouflaging abilities of cephalopods are effective in defense and catching preys that’s what the scientists wants to imitate.

Research workers have efficiently designed an “optoelectronic camouflage system” that has been influenced by the cephalopods’ skin (squid, octopuses, and cuttlefish). This latest technological innovation enables a fabric to instantly examine its setting and adjust to imitate its environment.

This differs when compared with other technological innovation, Cunjiang Yu, direct author, described in a news release. In contrast to previous camouflage methods which couldn’t instantly adjust, “our system recognizes color and goes with it. It scans the surroundings making use of thermochromatic substance.”

Camouflaging Abilities of Cephalopods 2
Image: BBC Nature

The prototype is under one-inch square and functions in black and white, with hues of gray, but it can quite easily be scaled up in dimensions and can ultimately span the full-color range.

Protection and business are the most respected purposes for this technological innovation, but Yu clearly explained that the possible market varieties from gadgets and wearable consumer electronics to vanishing cars.