Swimming with the Pigs in Bahamas

It is possible to go swimming with lots of interesting—and at times technically scary—creatures: dolphins, whales, stingrays, whale sharks, even true sharks. However, what about the paddlers of the porcine persuasion? Those chubby ones?

Yes, we are referring to pigs. Luck for you personally, in the Bahamas’ Exumas there is a location where this kind of excitement can be had—and it really is known as Big Major Cay.

Nobody knows certainly how these types of pigs showed up: some believe they were delivered momentarily by mariners; others believe it is all a ploy made by the Bahamian authorities to entice visitors. These Pigs in Bahamas are attracting many people out of curusity and because of their charm became a tourist attraction.

No matter what the scenario, the pigs are friendly—and as expected love posing for selfies.

Below are the Instagram posts of people who are lucky enough to join them in the beach.

synchronized swimming

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Face to snout with an oink ? portraits of animals who saw us here, #1: Pig

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? I love me some bacon

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