Swimmer Almost Collided with a Shark in Maldives

A swimmer off the shore of the Maldives almost collided with a close by shark, in fact, the close call was captured video camera by an observer. This Shark in Maldives is heading straight to a man swimming.

The video, submitted to Facebook by Sergey Sverdlov, displays Dmitry Zhadan going swimming in the direction of a motorboat when a figure shows up in the water facing him.

The object quickly shows on its own as a nurse shark, forcing Sverdlov to yell out a word of warning and direct at the nearing fish.

Zhadan, who seemed to be coming a head-on confrontation with the shark, halts going forward and shouts in obvious stress.

The shark seems to have a small fascination with the guy and also swims away once voices on the vessel can be noticed laughing.

Nurse sharks are slow-moving which makes them seldom charged for assaults on humans.

Watch the video below posted on Facebook by Sergey Sverdlov