Students Created Underwater Drones to Hunt for Explosives

Teams of American students are help creating the seas better – one much less explosive each time.

The Department of Defense provided $15,000 to the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., and 4 other schools to come up with marine drones that will sense unexploded bombs, mines and missiles away from U.S. shores.

“Some of it dating back to the Civil War. A few of it is World War II,” Michael Delorme , a teacher at Stevens Institute of Technology, notified Fox News. “And the DOD is grabbing duty to go around and locate these misplaced objects and make sure they are safe and sound and inert.”

A drone which has been developed and is presently going through tests at the school can be regulated wirelessly and includes a metal sensor.

“Its got a room of sensors — ears, nose, eyes, mouth, exactly like you and I do,” Delorme claimed.