Stranded Sailors in an Island Rescued

As the 3 men were tumbled outside of their 19-ft skiff in the evening by a huge wave they got no recourse but to get up for land 2 miles away throughout the darkness.

Several hours afterwards they established landfall on a small, abandoned Pacific island of Fanadik, thousands of miles to the northern part of Papua New Guinea.

However, they knew precisely what to be done. They made use of lifejackets to indicate for help and displayed a very large “help” sign by means of dark palm leaves on the vivid white sand.

For 3 days they sat and just eagerly waited for rescue to arrive.

The US Coast Guard was informed of their disappearance on a Tuesday, passing an immediate message to transport in the overall area.

They were finally found- all thanks to their signals- on Thursday morning with the help of the crew of some US Navy plane.