Though boat diving is usually less difficult compared to shore diving in which you must overcome the incoming waves, there still exist tricks and tips to help make getting back onto the boat a breeze.

Once you carry out these very simple steps it is possible to successfully return to any boat:
1. Show the crew of the boat an OK.

2. Make sure your own mask is placed on your face while your regulator remains in your mouth.

3. Deflate your BC until there is absolutely no air sitting in it.

4. Now move toward the ladder from underwater to ensure you are underneath the final wrung.

5. With at least one hand you grab hold of the final rung and enable yourself to suspend just like a monkey from the trapeze allowing an energy of the bucking ladders be assimilated through your single arm.

6. With the other hand take off one fin and either wear it on your wrist (if it is an open heel fin) or rather secure an effective grip of it in your own hand (if it is a full foot fin).

7. Now switch hands and then repeat the removal of the other fin.

8. With the two fins off the time is right to climb up the ladder. Make certainly no bones about it, the quicker you get up to the ladder the better experience you may have. Be sure that you physically look down whenever you position your initial foot on the bottom rung of the ladder. Help your very own weight to support the ladder down and then set off to climb the ladder as soon as possible. Be sure to have your regulator in the mouth along with your mask on your face until such time you are completely back on the boat.