Starry Starry Beach Sand in Japan

Iriomote Island is a tiny isle in Okinawa, Japan where beach-goers are usually found crouched over, investigating the sand instead of bathing in the waters. It is because most shoreline on Iriomote Island–as well as a few nearby islands in the southern part of Japan–contain “hoshizuna” or simply star-shaped fine sand. Starry Starry Beach Sand in Japan is among the most visited beach in the area.
Star Sand Beach 1

The regional legends claims that star sand was designed of the little skeletons of the children of the Southern Cross as well as the North Star, who were slaughtered by a huge serpent immediately after being born in the sea. Yet based on science, these lovely debris are the exoskeletons of countless foraminifera–marine protozoans–that are considered to be fossil proof way back five hundred fifty million years ago, among the most ancient fossils known to humankind.
Star Sand Beach 3

The ideal time to discover some is exactly after a typhoon, once the sand stars are stimulated up beneath the sea floor and rinsed up on the shoreline in massive quantities. In the event you take a close look enough, you may even discover some that are still living!

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