Starfish is not a Fish

Sea stars reside in the water, but that is actually where their likeness to fish comes to an end. They just do not possess gills, scales, or even fins. Sea stars stay solely in saltwater. Ocean water, rather than blood, is literally utilized to push nutrition throughout their bodies by means of a ‘water vascular process.’

Additionally, sea stars relocate through the use of tiny tube feet situated on the bottom part of their figures. Mature sunflower sea stars can shift at the amazing speed of 1 meter per minute employing 15,000 tube feet. Their Tube feet furthermore assist sea stars secure their prey.

Sea stars are associated with sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers, most of which are echinoderms, which means that they possess 5-point radial symmetry. Nevertheless, this does not imply that each one sea stars have 5 arms and types with 10, 30, or perhaps 40 arms really exist! In case any of these arms is missing, a sea star has the astonishingly capacity to restore it.

starfish 2