Shark Dies after Three Days in Captivity

A great white shark dies after three days in captivity while in a Japanese aquarium. The male shark that sized eleven-foot long, was unintentionally captured in a fishing net in southwestern Japan. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium took the shark to display in one of their tanks.

In a comment made public by the aquarium, they claim that the shark began to take a turn for the a whole lot worse and then passed away on Friday, January 8th. The shark was put into an aquarium with some other sharks where it was going swimming and seemed to be thriving until it sank to the base. Aquarists then transferred the shark to a different tank where attempts to revive it with oxygen did not succeed and the shark perished.

Endeavours to have a great white shark in an aquarium have never been effective as the sharks must continuously swim and keep their body temperature within an open ocean natural environment.

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