Shark Charmer Played with Tiger and Lemon Sharks

This scuba diver and Shark Charmer made an effort to prove that sharks also feel pain and sadness and can also be fun to be with.

The truth is, after seeing this video clip, you probably will realize that sharks also really feel and look for enjoyment. This whole concept of sharks experiencing pain and pleasure definitely is a paradigm move from the typical image of sharks as monstrous killers of the ocean.SHARK CHARMER

Sharks are at the peak of the food chain, obviously, but they really have their place in the normal equilibrium of marine life. Sadly, we fail to remember this simple fact and are inclined to allow extreme shark fishing.

See the video below in HD of Randy Jordan playfully mingling with Tiger and Lemon sharks  I have no doubt your feelings about sharks can change.

Watch these shark scuba divers rubbing and petting sharks like pets.