Have You Seen Humpback Whales Feeding?

A sea fishing journey in Alaska’s Day Harbor made into the whale-watching voyage of a lifetime. They just witnessed an amazing scenery of Humpback Whales Feeding.

Brad Rich, an Alaskan angler, captured a fantastic show of humpback whales enjoying their meals on video.

It began looking fairly quiet. After that Rich states, “I hear ’em,” along with the whales appear from the water, mouths agape and also blowholes spouting.

All through the amazing experience, Rich’s unsustainable amusement and occasionally profanity-laced exclamations are precious.

The whales swimming below schools of little fish or perhaps krill and propel a sphere of air bubbles from their blowholes as they simply escalate higher in the direction of the surface area. These types of bubbles encompass their target and create a sort of net. The bubbles drive their meals into a little ball that tends to make easy pickings for the whales as they simply rise in the upward direction with mouths wide open.

(Source: http://www.businessinsider.com)