Sea Cucumbers are Animals and Not Vegetables

Situated only in salt water, greater than 1000 species of sea cucumbers can be found all over the world. These strange-looking invertebrates belong to the echinoderms, causing them to faraway relations to starfish and also urchins. In contrast to starfish or perhaps sea urchins, the figures of sea cucumbers are protected with smooth, leathery skin layers rather than hard spines.

In case you come across a sea cuke and it senses risked, you might be in for a shock. Certain sea cucumbers snap sticky fibers at their foes, entangling and puzzling bigger animals. Others can violently tighten their muscle tissues and shoot a few of their bodily organs out of their back ends. The lost parts of the body are immediately regenerated.

Sea Cucumbers 2

The majority of sea cucumbers are foragers, shifting along the seafloor and consuming little debris of algae or minuscule aquatic animals gathered with tube feet that encompass their mouths. The materials they crush down to smaller sized bits are further split up by bacteria and turn into section of the ocean’s nutritional cycle. This really is the same role to that which worms execute on land.

Sea cucumbers are appreciated as foods for other creatures like fish and crabs. In a few areas, particularly Asia, sea cucumbers are viewed as a delicacy and are cherished by humans.

Sea cukes are clearly a little strange, and certainly not something you’d ever come across in your garden.