Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man

Rob Doyle is a delivery man at an underwater hotel . He doesn’t just step up to a doorway and knock. He ties on scuba gear and then dives deep beneath Key Largo , Florida , to bring pizza pie on the contrary.

“I don’t believe there is anyone else across the globe that delivers pizzas the manner I deliver pizza,” Rob claims.

Once he reached the delivery site, Rob’s not prepared to give the pizza and gather the money just yet. He gets the pizza in a water-tight briefcase to protect the package.scuba diving pizza delivery man 2

Rob works for an elite local business situated 21 feet below sea level. Jules’ Undersea Lodge continues to be a full-service resort hotel for more than 25 years. This awesome location is run by scuba diving fanatic Ian Koblick.

“The idea of an submerged hotel,” Koblick clarifies, “started when one evening we noticed a sensational event take place. A massive fish came out of nowhere. I told myself, ‘Gee, you know, in case more and more people could see and encounter this kind of thing it would be amazing.'”

Rob is not only a pizza delivery man. He is been trained in the procedure and upkeep of the whole underwater “habitat” and is furthermore a scuba coach. Koblick claims this sort of service is termed the “bell buoy.” When you need anything , Rob will obtain it to suit your needs.

Within the 50-foot-long metal building, there are only 2 bedrooms and daily rates begin at a few hundred dollars. Many contemporary facilities are offered.

Rob delivers the pizza by means of the airlock under the building. The water-tight compartment has been doing its mission. Warm, crisp and dry pizza in the slightest likely spot you could ever think about.