Scuba Diving Board Game being Crowdfunded

Have you been a passionate tabletop game lover and a scuba diver and want something to while away your current surface intervals?

Or perhaps you wish to inspire an interest in scuba diving in your children or fellow game enthusiasts?

Well, there’s a specific crowdfunding promotion started that may indeed be up your alley.

Dutch divemaster and also board game developer Martin Looij has created a tabletop game called “Scuba: The Board Game .”

The object of the game-play is to come across as much fish or treasure items as you can before running out of air. It’s intended for 2 to 4 gamers ages 8 and up.

Looij has built a KickStarter web page for the game and has already been a 3rd of the way through to achieving his aim of US$21,654 or €20,000.