As scuba divers, have you at one time been bitten by species of fish or some other marine creature?

Obviously when mingling with creatures, marine or land based, you will have instances where biting situations happen. It is usual. Nevertheless, there are instances when such actions may be warranted.

As scuba divers, we are well conscious of the concept of not interfering with aquatic life. We are simply guests in their natural ecosystem and to simply quietly watch them. We are not sure what this diver was planning though. To make the story short, this large fish got fed up with his shenanigans and delivered a snap at him.

The diver punches at the big fish as his reflex. Going to the end of this clip, you observe the fish apparently get into re-attack manner, but the diver and cameraman didn’t look fascinated any longer. Humm…

Observe this big fish get at this diver. Additionally, Notice how instantly the diver and cameraman go away from the place.