The Scary Vampire Squid and the Vampire Fish

The vampire squid is a tiny (12-inch-long) cephalopod present in deep temperate and also tropical seas. Initially considered an octopus since it does not have the 2 long tentacles that normally expand past a squid’s 8 arms, the vampire squid comes with features of both squid and octopi, and also takes up its very own order in taxonomy (scientific classification).

Its large, vivid blue eyes — proportionally the biggest in the animal kingdom — darkish color, and the cloak-like webbing that links its arms provide its typical name. The scientific name, Vampyroteuthis infernalis, actually signifies “vampire squid of Hell”! Although it will not suck blood similar to its forged namesake, this organism is a “living relic” that emerged from an lineage of the octopus, and its genealogy goes back about 165 million years as seen in the fossil record.vampire squid 1

The vampire squid is an extremophile, living in the darkish ocean depths from 2,000-3,000 feet. In case risked, this protective deep-sea Dracula is unable to expel ink, as do many of its cephalopod relatives. Neither can it alter color to perplex invaders the way its shallow-water relatives can; dwelling as it really does in the deep sea, where tiny light permeates, color-changing is a useless approach. Rather, the vampire squid squirts a lavish cloud of gooey, bioluminescent mucus in the direction of probable bigger animals.

On the freshwater part, the vampire fish is a name for the payara , an ample gamefish present in the Amazon Basin. Although this massive, 1.5-to-3 foot fish is unable to draw the blood of its victim, its six-inch-long incisors, which stick out from an undershot mouth, lead to a face just a (payara) mom could love.

Credit: Exotic Fish Wikia

Recently, the payara has acquired reputation as an occupant in massive, “aggressive” freshwater fish tanks. Live goldfish are one of its preferred prey. Accordingly, aquarists are encouraged to choose tankmates too large to suit inside its saber-toothed maw!