Scary Underwater Sinkholes Used for Police Diver Training

South Australian law enforcement have made public spectacular pictures of their officers scuba diving to terrific depths inside a few of the state’s greatest underwater sinkholes. These Underwater Sinkholes Used for Police Diver Training can be terrifying to look at, what more if you see it in person.

Ten people of the South Australian Police Water Operations group recorded their descent into the murky oceans of ‘Kilsbys Sinkhole’ and also ‘The Shaft’ near Mount Gambier, 2 sinkholes that are famous for their depth and water lucidity.

Photos from underneath the surface area expose an otherworldly terrain, a desolate and vicious world that is only often highlighted by vivid rays of sunlight from above.

Kilsbys Sinkhole is roughly 65 metres deep, as ‘The Shaft’ descends to a nearly inconceivable 120 metres.

Police scuba divers are often utilised to look for lost people, usually in deep water areas. Scuba divers can also be advised to look for weapons in regions of zero visibility.

Underwater Sinkholes 2

Underwater Sinkholes 3

Underwater Sinkholes 4

Underwater Sinkholes 5