Sarah Lee’s Sensualy Beautiful Underwater Photos

Sarah Lee is one of the finest photographers in the world. It is not because of her excellent approach and artistic design. It is that she can stimulate nostalgia with every single shot—even if I have in no way encountered her scenes in person, it’s like you have been with her pictures. Her technique is just amazing and creates alluring beauty that will entice you.

Her aim when making photos is to catch and highlight the beauty in what surrounds her. Digital photography for her is a form of visual problem solving and a method to perpetuate the stoke, regardless of whether it be above the surface or below.

Her effort absolutely lives up to that goal.

Check out the amazing photographs below.

Sarah Lee 2

Sarah Lee 3

Sarah Lee 4

Sarah Lee 5

Sarah Lee 6

Sarah Lee 7

Sarah Lee 8

Sarah Lee 9

Sarah Lee 10

Sarah Lee 11

Sarah Lee 12

Photo Credit: Sarah Lee